At Richmond Fellowship we’re proud to have been making recovery reality for over 60 years. 

Richmond Fellowship was founded in 1959 and we’ve come a long way since those early days from the very first therapeutic community in Richmond, Surrey.  We are now one of the largest voluntary sector providers of mental health support services in England.

Our core founding belief in the concept of recovery has been the guiding light throughout our journey to the present day.

Our East Surrey Community Connections service seeks to support adults (18+) with their mental health and emotional wellbeing to connect or re-connect to their community through one-to-one support, wellbeing courses, peer support groups and activities.

We believe that recovery is a journey. We celebrate and build upon people’s successes, as well as supporting people in learning from their setbacks, to overcome any obstacles along the road to their recovery.

Ultimately, we believe in working with the people we support to empower them to take their next steps on their recovery journey.

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