Here are some of the latest projects we have been working on.

Staff and lived experience experts have been working together to create a pack pulling together a variety of useful websites, apps and wellbeing tips which, once created, will be available to those using the Community Connections service.

Following feedback around some of the barriers to attending the Wingfield Centre for the first time, we created two ‘point of view’ videos to show what people can expect during their first visit with either the Redhill Community Connections team or the Safe Haven.

These are now displayed on our ‘How We Can Help’ page ( and our Safe Haven crisis support page (

With the planning of a possible new Daytime Safe Haven service, the forum has been supporting to shape the service using their lived experience expertise to ensure it provides the right support for the individual.

Creating a new service video to make it easier to understand how the different Richmond Fellowship services work together and how people can make the most of accessing the right services for them. This new video is displayed on our homepage and can also be viewed by clicking the button below.

Shaping the future of the Community Connections service, working together with other providers of the service to improve the support provided to those using the service moving forward.

Creating a new visual identity for the ENRICHmond Fellowship Forum around the theme of the chrysalis, and the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. You can find out more about the creation of our fantastic new co-produced logo here –

Making groups and courses more easily accessible with a new course calendar, as well as working on continuing to improve the range of groups and courses we provide.

Launching the new East Surrey Community Connections website, making it easier for those looking for mental wellbeing support in East Surrey to find out more about the Community Connections service, as well as providing more of the latest information on our service to the people we support.

Exploring new ways of communicating information to the people we support with an understanding that, when you’re not feeling your best, it can be easier to absorb information in audio/video format than through writing. That is way we have launched out new Richer Minds podcast, and are working on releasing more video content for the future.

Making it clearer how different Richmond Fellowship services work together with the release of a service video on our homepage, explaining all of the different services we offer.

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