A little bit about myself of why I love animals…..


I have always grown up with and around animals with huge love for them 😍

I just can’t imagine a world without animals.


Ever since I was young I have grown up to love feeding geese, swans and ducks from my hand.

I have no fear of birds at all. Some would call me crazy!!


I absolutely love being around all animals but especially birds.

I have a huge interest in them.


Being around animals is such great therapy for me hence setting up my own business of dog walking and pet sitting,  which I thoroughly enjoy and love but there is something about birds of prey and geese in particular that when I’m around them, I forget about everything and I’m in happy land as I call it.


Being diagnosed with autism in 2020, this is another reason why I’m sooooo happy around them with no fear as this has a part to play and is why I’m so animal focused with a huge passion and love for them.


There is a big link between autism and animals which plays a big part in helping people. This is why I set up my own business because I love animals, love being around them and love helping them. I don’t see my work as work, I see it as therapy because all my clients help me as much as I help them.


On Thursday last week, while I had an hour to spare before my next job, I went to my ‘happy place’ Kings pond which holds a big place in my heart.

I was surrounded by loads of geese who mobbed me for the feed and made a hole in the bag because apparently I wasn’t feeding them quick enough 😍🤣



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