“Here within Community Connections in East Surrey we deliver a wide range of wellbeing groups and workshops both face to face and on the virtual platform.

I feel so privileged to be supported in my role by seven of the most amazing people who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. Each volunteer has come with their own lived experience and journey with their wellbeing. They bring a whole new dynamic to our work by having the capacity to come alongside our clients as they share what has helped them in their recovery journey. They give freely of their time, energy, and knowledge.

Not only do they support our clients, but they also support me and probably the thing most beautiful to witness is the support they offer each other- the fact that they have not all met one another in person matters not at all.

I know I speak for all our clients and staff when I say thank you volunteer team for being simply amazing!!”

Angie, Volunteer Coordinator

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