Since my last entry about pets, I have gone through the entire set of emotions over the past 18 months. Sadly, our two gorgeous basset hounds both had to be put to sleep. My beautiful marine tank burst it’s seams and spilt 130litres of salt water onto the wooden floor which had to be subsequently replaced under the home insurance. More distressingly all the amazing fish died despite efforts to save them.



There is always good news to offset the bad. And we got a new Springer Spaniel puppy who we named Bailey. She is lovely, if not super lively and I have never walked so much and I feel great from it. She has well and truly won our hearts and makes the loss of Molly and Sophie not so painful. Whilst my wife has banned me from having such a large marine tank, I now have a small freshwater tropical tank housing three Angel Fish, two Catfish, a couple of Rams and some Black Neons. These continue to help relax and lift my mood watching them glide around the tank.


Contributed by Ian, Administrator East Surrey Community Connections

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