The story of how a sunflower seed grew to be Pickles’ best friend

One of our lovely volunteers sent us some sunflower seeds!

Since being gifted these seeds, we have used them in our team away day and our staff have been busy planting and nurturing their seeds to help them grow into beautiful sunflowers.

One of our advisors also potted some of the seeds and put them in our waiting room for clients to take home.

A client bought home one of the sunflowers and introduced it to their cat (called Pickles). Here is a wonderful photo of them together! 😊 🌻 🐱

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  1. Claire habgood
    Claire habgood says:

    Pickles (the cat) has her own picture of her and the sunflower on the wall. Pickles is very grateful to enjoy her sunflower and is happy even more so as it has bloomed into a beautiful yellow sunflower.

  2. Martina
    Martina says:

    I just love the way Pickles has curled herself around the sunflower as if that was the most natural thing to do…
    Cats and plants are amazing!


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