Ep 01. Making mental health & wellbeing for all a global priority this World Mental Health Day

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. Our aim is to normalise conversations about mental health in all areas of society, to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health by sharing our stories and experiences with each other through our new Richer Minds podcast.

We’ll be speaking to our volunteers and the people that we support, as well as experts in various fields to explore all areas of mental health and wellbeing. By sharing these conversations, our aim is to share information about the many ways that we can look after our minds and tackle the challenges that we face together, as a community.

For our first episode for World Mental Health Day, we spoke with Team Manager Jemima and Volunteer Carmen about the various ways we can work individually, and as a community, to make mental health & wellbeing a global priority.

From tips on how we can maintain good personal wellbeing, to reducing the stigma around mental health and so much more.

Take a listen below…



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