“The assistance provided by Richmond Fellowship is substantially important to me. The care imparted has been constructive and empathetic; support workers have helped to provide tools, structure and goals that aim to assist me in my recovery.

Under normal circumstances I am motivated and disciplined even tenacious. Not so today. Obviously the challenge for anyone with mental illness is to find that inner resilience and to repeat and challenge the negativity that pervades. The belief to act.

It is well known that a big part of recovery is the support network and people you can lean on for encouragement and to share in your small successes. The Richmond Fellowship support workers do this.

Megan Cato helped me appreciably in 2021 using the Recovery Star, reviewing any progress and recommending excellent motivational books to read.

I am now working with Natasha Dovey with whom I share a strong passion for art. Natasha has helped me return to my studio for the first time in 3 years (albeit short lived after a set back). Natasha has rekindled some of my enthusiasm to paint again, sharing ideas, setting tasks, reviving a lost appetite for what nourishes an artists psyche. I am enjoying our time together tremendously.

Undoubtedly the contribution Richmond Fellowship makes to help people with mental health illness is brilliant; however I feel in my case the collaboration ends a little too prematurely. Just as some headway is made and I start to feel optimistic and start my climb, up what at first seemed an insurmountable slippery slope, the allotted time runs out. The person to lean on is taken away and my motivation wanes.

I understand this support is in limited periods and that a lot of the work done with Richmond Fellowship is to enable me to help myself. There is no denying this is difficult and keeping the momentum going is testing and sometimes feels inconceivable on your own. Not knowing what is too much or too little especially if your self esteem is at its lowest and anxiety prevails.

I still suffer everyday with this cryptic affliction as do so many. With the current mental health crisis; help from the NHS is outweighed by those in need due to the government’s deficient funding policies. Any continuity or consistency falls away all too easily. It’s hard to get over that hill alone and then you feel as though condemned to a life like Sisyphus. The Richmond Fellowship can fill those gaps along with many other charitable organisations. They are more important than ever. Showing that there is hope.

I can only wish that I can continue to use your services and one day get over that hill.

Thank You.

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