Our experiences of feeling lonely

  • We discussed that we could feel lonely even when in a full room of people – as if we are just onlookers or observers
  • We also discussed that we could feel lonely in our closest relationships
  • Being alone is different to feeling lonely and some who are alone are not lonely
  • Loneliness can occur as a result of not being listened to ,validated or nurtured
  • We can feel alone when we feel a bit left out in conversations or groups
  • We can feel guilty for being lonely when we are surrounded by people and yet still feel alone or lonely
  • Some of us put on an act so as not to appear alone and to look like we fit in a bid to feel included
  • Loneliness can feel like a state of nothingness and fearful
  • Loneliness encompasses a sense of want or something is missing
  • We can feel alone in our work
  • Hearing impairments can lead us to feel not included and alone
  • Ongoing mental and physical health problems can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness – anything that makes us different

Ways to manage loneliness

  • Open up to a trusted confidant, either face to face or over the phone
  • Join a support group specifically to meet others
  • Joining in with groups online or face to face, either offered by Community Connections or other mental health organisations
  • Call Samaritans 116123 for objective support and no judgement
  • Call 111 and they can signpost to other helpful organisations
  • Use the texting service called SHOUT 85258
  • Email Samaritans jo@samaritans.org- you will get response in 24 hours
  • Befriending services such as Tandridge Voluntary Action can support you by matching you up with a volunteer to form a friendship
  • Join a group such as men in sheds for companionship
  • CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably – instant messaging service thecalmzone.net
  • Voluntary work and joining something where you have mutual interests
  • Exercise classes can be a place to connect with others
  • Contact your local Safe Haven in Surrey – Redhill, Epsom, Woking, Guildford, Aldershot
  • Go out to town and get amongst people
  • Speak to people with dogs
  • Join “Borrow My Doggie”
  • Local gardening and community gardening projects

Contributed by our wonderful support group



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