Last month our Friday Support Circle met and discussed the Action For Happiness idea of “Optimistic October” in which they outlined the different ways they could care for themselves during this seasonal shift. Here are the suggestions they shared:

  • Staying away from or limiting the time we spend with negative people
  • Reading a nice book or an interesting book
  • Taking up a hobby or interest to capture our attention and imagination
  • Surround yourself with loving, positive people – find your tribe
  • Practice good self-care – eating ,drinking , resting well
  • Enjoy warming drinks such as hot chocolate, getting snuggled up with a warm throw
  • Put crackling fire on YouTube
  • Enjoy golden milk – see recipe
  • Switch off and take time away from devices and social media content
  •  Enjoy feel good activities e.g. bake a cake, make a warming soup
  • Take time out for yourself without feeling guilty
  • Put on Himalayan salt lamp
  • Invest in a SAD lamp
  • Make an uplifting song playlist
  • Take an online course
  • Practice acceptance of what is outside of your control
  • Plan nice things for next summer/ spring in order to have things to look forward to
  • Get out and enjoy the changing colours of nature
  • Enjoy nature and travel programmes on tv
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude
  • Keep to routines which bring structure and purpose into our lives
  • Look for opportunities to remain hopeful in all areas of our lives
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