“I’m pretty lucky as I’m the last house in my road. I have front & back garden sheltered by garages on one side and a large fence between me and my neighbour.

I have to get away from the noise and rapidness of the modern world.

Gardens are quiet spaces. I can almost lose myself in nature/gardening.

I love the subtle changes between the seasons. The lovely bloom of my Magnolia tree to the harvesting of my fruits. This year, garlic 🧄 – Ventnor variety. There are great blooms on the Isle of Wight, always runner beans and a green courgette plant.

This year I have planted ‘Pentland Javelin’ potatoes.

In fact I have just remembered my Grandad Joseph was chief Gardener at Merton Manor.

Now to be honest I am not a natural gardener. After very severe attacks of hay fever ending up sniffing menthol vapours from a hot bath I avoided gardens/gardening.

CBT would definitely have helped me.

So knowledge of plants/trees/weeds/flowers 💐 is poor. However, I am learning all the time. On gardening, my curiosity has been aroused. I like Angie’s (Angie is one of the facilitators here at Richmond Fellowship) flower & nature courses. I still don’t know the names of flowers, but the hanging basket Lobelia has performed very well, showing her plumage.

I have always appreciated and loved gardens. In fact, I get this from my whole family. My Dad was always in his potting shed – taking cuttings repotting. It is because of him that I have tried to grow ‘Sweet Peas.’

Abject failure so far. This is due to squirrels, birds, slugs, black fly.

I will try again.

My friend, ‘ Big Will’ does all the heavy lifting, digging etc, – He is 6ft 6″ – a gardener by trade. He gives me advice.

We never move the Roses 🌹 🌹. They are my favourite. All colours, yellow, red, orange & light blue. My Mum always said this was ‘ The Lady Diana Rose.’

Whilst working/holidaying abroad I admire how magnificent their gardens are – the front gardens. In this case in Gibraltar & Spain.

So I am taken back to my Garden. An Oasis of tranquillity. I am not a specialist gardener for reasons before. However, a bit better!!!

Procrastination is a very bad characteristic of mine. However, when I do get started I am pleased.

The local nature comes out to me. I have always had cats. They always help me. The sound and sights in my woodland neighbourhood. The birds swooping down on the feeder.

I love the smells of the flowers, * So you can see I love gardens.*

Always something to notice. Today 🍯 🐝. Lovely spreading their pollen to other areas, as does my helpful Cookie 😺 with her bushy tail picking up sticky berries with her tail.”

Words from Nick, one of our service users

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  1. Martina
    Martina says:

    This is just an amazing contribution! I love the way you describe your journey as a gardener, I think you are doing really well. The most important thing for me when I do gardening is almost the process of getting there as much as the result I then see when a plant thrives and flowers. INature is great and gardening is a brilliant way of getting away from everything.
    The photos are great and I can see how happy your garden makes you.


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