We understand that it can be difficult to manage stress in our everyday lives. That’s why our Friday Support Circle have taken the time to let us know the tips and activities they find most helpful when managing stress.

Managing our stress through physical and practical wellbeing
  • Keeping our space clean and uncluttered can help us find an inner calm that reflects our space
  • Taking medication on time to support ourselves to feel our best
  • Looking after ourselves by practicing self-care
  • Maintaining a regular sleep routine to ensure a better night’s sleep
  • Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated to help keep you feeling physically well
  • Eating regularly to promote physical health
  • Using warm lights in the evening rather than blue tinted lights. Candlelight can be a really relaxing way to provide some warm lighting, but making use of lightbulbs with warm tones light can be just as helpful. Candles can also have a soothing smell sometimes which can help to aid relaxation.
Managing our stress through mindfulness
  • Doing things that bring you back in present moment, whether that’s gardening, reading or any other activity that helps ground you in the present moment
  • Blowing soap bubbles, especially whilst enjoying a relaxing bath with candles
  • Immersing ourselves in nature, whether that’s by forest bathing, touching things in nature such as tree trunks, or watching nature programmes
  • Mindfully observing the world around you by cloud watching or star gazing
  • Cooking mindfully can really provide a sense of grounding in the present moment and promote feelings of calm, whether your mindfully chopping your vegetables, or taking in the smell of your food.
  • Bird watching can encourage you to be mindful of your environment, while also promoting a sense of happiness
  • Go for a mindful walk, taking deep breaths of the fresh air
  • Using the 5,4,3,2,1 grounding exercise to engage with all of your senses and bring you back to the present moment. To do this, pay attention to your surroundings, making a mental note of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. Take your time and really explore each of these senses, allowing yourself to absorb as much detail about the things you are noting as you can.
  • Meditating or using breathing exercises can help us find a greater sense of calm
  • Mindfully observing colourful things around us to help boost our mood
Managing our stress through connection and communication of our feelings
  • Reaching out to speak to and connect with those we know will be supportive, whether in person, over the phone or in writing
  • Spending time with the right people who have a positive impact on our mood, and limiting time spent with people who cause us stress
  • Setting our personal boundaries, and maintaining them, saying no when we need or want to without feeling guilty
  • Doing something for someone else can have a positive impact on our mood
  • Writing things down or freewriting everything that’s going on for us and what we’re thinking and feeling. If you’d like to, you can even rip what you’ve written up and throw it away
  • Playing or generally spending time with our pets
  • Spending time with the children in our family or social circle – time spent with children can lead to greater feelings of joy and playfulness and help alleviate stress
Managing our stress using intentions, affirmations and gratitude
  • Using morning affirmations to set the right tone for the day
  • Set an intention for the day to help decide how we want our day to be. We can return to our intention throughout the day to help keep us aligned with our intention
  • Acknowledging the things we are grateful for, even if they are small things
  • Smiling to ourselves in the mirror, saying something positive to our reflection
Managing our stress through routine and hobbies
  • Listening to our favourite music, maybe even moving a little bit with the rhythm or going all out and dancing like nobody’s watching
  • Spending time on a former hobby, or even starting a new one, whether that’s drawing, reading, colouring, or anything else we enjoy
  • Maintaining a good routine by having things to do during the day to provide structure to our day. Volunteering can be helpful for this.
  • Going swimming or hiking
  • Watching something we enjoy, even if we’ve watched it before. Having watched it before can even sometimes make it easier as we don’t have to focus too closely
  • Using a favourite tea or coffee mug in the morning to help boost positive emotions
  • Wearing colourful clothing that helps lift our mood

Image created by Joanne

Ideas contributed by the Friday Support Circle


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