We are on a mission to work more closely together than ever before on a range of different projects, including an exciting plan to co-design and create a logo to represent our ENRICHmond Fellowship Forum. You decided that a chrysalis, and its transformative journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly, was the perfect starting place to launch our creativity. Symbolising growth, development and transformation, the chrysalis represents all core elements of both working together and of recovery in general.

We partnered with our creative sister service, Art Matters, to arrange two logo creation workshops, inviting everyone who uses our service to take part with every step of designing and printing the logo.

In the first workshop we explored the concept of the chrysalis and co-production and what these meant to us, bringing our ideas to life. These were then added to our mood board to bring together a vision of our collective logo ideas so far.

Have a look through just some of the wonderful images that came out of the first workshop below.

The second workshop was focused on printing the logos we felt were most powerful using foam printing and the RF colour palette. Working together, we created some beautiful images that really represent the spirit of working together.

Jax shares her experience with us: 

“I was fortunate enough to take part in the logo workshop in January.  A group of us gathered together at the very inspiring Art Matters studios where we brainstormed some ideas for a meaningful logo.  Working as a group was really beneficial as we bounced ideas off each other.  We then went off separately and sketched our ideas and interpretations of the brief.  It was great fun having a free rein with all the colouring materials!  After that we discussed the images that we thought were most powerful and the following week we created prints from our sketches which was really rewarding seeing the end result.”

In the true spirit of co-production and with so many wonderful logo options to choose from, we will be leaving it to you to vote on the logo you feel best represents the forum, and co-production generally.  We can’t wait to see what the final logo will be!  It really has been fantastic to see what can be achieved when we work together.

Contributed by Charlotte & Jax 

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