It’s time for Episode 4 of the Richer Minds podcast!

In this episode we are talking to Fiona about her lived experience of mental health and staying on mental health wards and to Kirsty from the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People about the In & Out project, a project exploring the admission to, and discharge from, UK inpatient mental health services, to identify opportunities for quality improvement across services.

All of our podcasts contain sensitive subjects. Some topics may feel more difficult to listen to depending on your own personal experiences. In this conversation, although we do not go into detail, there is reference to rape as well as talk of psychosis and the experience of being on a mental health ward. As always, if you don’t feel ready to listen to this at this moment, please do wait until a time that feels right for you.

More information about the In & Out project and other projects run by the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People can be found at

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