What we have put into place to help with our mental health since joining and attending many of the courses and groups:

  • Although hard to do, set an alarm to get me up in the morning
  • Make my bed each day so I look forward to going to bed at night
  • Practice mindfulness whilst cleaning my teeth
  • Practice positive affirmations whilst getting dressed
  • Use breathing techniques to help manage anxiety
  • Exercise or at least move
  • Set out my morning tea and mug the night before so I look forward to coming down to it every day.
  • Listen to podcasts and audio guides to inspire and encourage e.g Jay Shetty
  • Cook from scratch
  • Try to have a routine
  • Batch bake to music
  • Get outside and having a walk
  • Participate in arts and crafts activities
  • Being part of the groups is super supportive and gives me a sense of being accepted and part of a “tribe”
  • Have a meal plan in place every day and a physical training routine
  • Finding a real purpose and meaning in life that fulfils me and builds my self-confidence and worth
  • Action for Happiness app motivates me and encourages me daily
  • Face to face groups have made me get dressed and get out of the house
  • Volunteering has given me confidence
  • Learning to practice gratitude has been life changing

Contributed by our support group

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