Gateway Community Garden, Surrey Care Trust, is a RHS award-winning garden based in Reigate, Surrey. Supporting people in Surrey, they are a local charity helping vulnerable people of all ages improve their skills, mental health, and wellbeing by harnessing the power of the natural environment. The garden provides educational sessions on how to grow fruit and vegetables, flowers, paint, restore furniture, craft, build green wood structures, learn about wildlife and how to encourage them into the garden, whilst striving for a more sustainable future.


In the beautiful, relaxed garden, you will make new friends, share knowledge, have fun, and take action. This spring they have been building bug houses and stag beetle log piles, sited bird, and bat boxes, followed the Hedgehog Highway programme, created bird and butterfly kebabs and hangers, and provided habitat and shelter with dry hedges, as well as planting to encourage wildlife.

 Make a difference in your garden


Here are four keyways to make your garden as green as it can be, reduce your carbon footprint and provide vital habitats for wildlife:

1. Look after soil – Get your soil into good shape, go peat free, start composting and mulching.

2. Managing water – Learn how to cope with water shortages and extreme rainfall, store water and use it wisely.

3. Planting for the environment – Choose the right plant for the right place and right purpose.

4. Preventing pollution – Avoid using harmful chemicals, reduce your plastic use and recycle.


Eco-friendly gardening has many benefits for both people and planet, and you can make a difference in even the smallest garden. Leaving long grass areas and spent flowers for the wildlife, avoid chemicals and source alternatives to plastics, repurposing and upcycling useful items.


The garden is inclusive, creative, and innovative working with schools, colleges, local community partnership groups, businesses, and charities. Fancy a Community Volunteers Day or CSR events! Surrey Care Trust encourage participation and community involvement!


Gateway Community Garden addresses food poverty in the local area, supporting the local food bank with garden grown fruit and vegetables. They are currently working on a new outdoor kitchen and plan to run cooking life skill programmes in the Autumn this year.

The team were very proud to receive a ‘Love Where You Live’ award by Squires Garden Centre this year and to receive funding from SES Water to tackle their water management.


A garden with the power to enhance well-being, nurturing not only physical health but also mental and emotional wellness. A green outdoor space for respite, relaxation, learning, and recovery supporting people not just to survive but to THRIVE!


To find out more about the project or to get involved, please contact Milly O’Ryan, Nurture through Nature Assistant Manager, Gateway Community Garden, Surrey Care Trust – milly.o’


Photo 1 – Gateway Community Garden. Photo credit @Paul Murrihy Photography

Photo 2 – Gateway Community Garden – Bee. Photo credit @Paul Murrihy Photography

Photo 3 – Gateway Community Garden – Butterfly. Photo credit @Paul Murrihy Photography

Photo 4 – Gateway Community Garden – ‘Love Where You Live’ award – Squires Garden Centre

Photo 5 – Gateway Community Garden – Restoration

Contributed by Gateway Community Garden


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