We have had a very busy but rewarding few months here at East Surrey Community Connections. With many of the Covid-19 restrictions lifting across the country, we are remaining cautious and mindful, for our staff and for the people that we support, whilst also embracing opportunities to meet in person again. We have been arranging lots of new groups and courses, both virtually and in person, and seeing lots of new people attending them.

The past two years have opened our eyes to the benefits of virtual support and it’s something that we will continue to utilise. However, we also see great value in being physically present with people who will listen, understand and care.

Our service was built on the founding principle that isolation can be harmful for our mental health, and that the antidote to isolation is connection. This is our bread and butter and we want to assure you that we understand the complexities that can follow a period of isolation, and will do our very best to consider this in every decision that we make. We are proud to offer a service that can adapt and evolve to reflect its environment, just as people and communities do.

As always, thank you for your support and for allowing us to support you too.

Best Wishes,


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