“As the wonderful Angie was away on holiday, an idea sprang about doing something to fill the Tuesday night gap without her. This was something completely different to the usual groups and courses.

Between Sharon, Laura and myself, along with all the clients who submitted their favourite 80’s music we had a very full, and fun, two hours on that Tuesday night. Myself, Sharon and Lindsay wore wigs, if even for a short time, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying the music and the quizzes. It was amazing to see everyone enjoying themselves listening to nostalgic 80’s music.

We created a three part quiz – 80’s music, 80’s trivia and a ‘guess the next line’ quiz, expertly done by Laura. It was lovely to see such a diverse range of song choices, and also a couple were picked by more than one person!

It also reminded me how very grateful we should all be for being able to grow up before the added stress of camera phones and social media.

We had a fantastic time putting this event on and I believe we will put another one on soon. I am trying to decide which decade to do next. I’m thinking of the 70’s or the 90’s. If you have any particular preference please let the Redhill office know and they can pass the information on. It was a blast from the past, and I left the group in a really good mood. Thanks to everyone who got involved.”

Joanne, Volunteer

“I was so pleased to see so many of our lovely clients attend the “80’s Music And Quiz” group and make such an effort in dressing up and really getting into the spirit of the 80’s themed evening. I personally had a great time dressing up with a very ugly ( itchy and very hot wig)  along with bright clothing and neon accessories!! (very 80’s) I found it very nostalgic listening to all of the songs that were played throughout the evening and some that I had not heard before. Thank you to everyone for their song choices. It brought back memories of my youth!!

It was so good to see everyone having a good time, having fun, laughing together and at the end of the night clients were asking if we would run more of the evenings in the future, I also enjoyed the 80’s night as I got to spend time with the other lovely volunteers, and I was pleased to get the chance to volunteer with Laura for the first time and I look forward to volunteering with her more in the future. Maybe I should volunteer more in the evenings!

Thanks to Joanne and Laura for all their hard work that made the evening so enjoyable. ( I’m already looking forward to the next one).”

Sharon, Volunteer

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